Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farewell Blog World

I'm leaving the blog world indefinitely. The Lord has put it in my heart that I need to focus more on my family. I feel like I've been spending too much time online and not enough time nurturing my relationship with Christ, being a wife, and being a mom. So, I'm going to get back to what is most important in my life. Even though I don't post that often, I do spend a lot of time surfing through other blogs and reading them.
I'm leaving my blog website up in case anyone would like a recipe from it or would like to read any other posts. But I won't be posting anymore after this and probably won't be reading other blogs either.
Also, for those of you who email me, I won't be checking email as often as I used to, so you might want to call me if you need to tell me something pressing.
I pray anyone who has stumbled across my blog has been encouraged by it and hopefully has taken something away from it.
God Bless!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recession Fashion

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a Mister Linky post on recession fashion. So, here are my tips for dressing for less in today's tough economy.

1. Shop consignment sales. We have two great children's consignment sales in our area twice a year: Rhea Lana and Duck Duck Goose. I went to both this year and got some great things for the kids. For my 7-year-old: 2 nice button-down Abercrombie shirts for $10 each, several pair of jeans for around $8, nice brown leather shoes for $8, and a lot more! For my 4-month-old: Lots of cute outfits for around $4 and some adorable brown sandals for this summer for $2!
It's also a good idea to clean out your old stuff and put them in the consignment sales. Then, you make back the money you spend, so the stuff is basically free! And you usually get to shop earlier than the public if you consign, so you get the first pick of the cutest stuff!

2. Shop e-bay. I love Gap jeans, but they usually run around $60. I know exactly what size I wear in them, so I go to e-bay and find Gap jeans in my size for around $8 plus shipping. I end up spending less than $20 on $60 jeans! And even if they're used, Gap makes great jeans that last forever. You can also usually find "lots" of cute tops in your size at a good price. And for the kids, my pastor's wife says she buys most of her baby's clothes on ebay and saves a ton of money.

3. Join Yahoo Groups. Yahoo has some great groups out there. One I love is freecycle. You give away stuff you don't use anymore (including clothes) to people in your community and you can also get stuff. I've gotten some great things from there. It's usually a really great place to find maternity clothes. There are also coupon trading groups. Someone might get a 15% coupon to JC Penney in the mail that they aren't going to use, so they offer it in the group and you can get it. This is a great way to save on new clothes.

4. Yard Sales. Especially if you go to the fancy-shmancy neighborhoods. They always have great stuff!

Do you have any recession fashion tips? Post a response here, or post them on your blog and participate in the Mister Linky at Kelly's Korner!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fizz Keeper


Is the "Fizz Keeper"

I got this the other day when I bought the Chef'n Palm Peeler. I wanted to give it a fair shot before posting my opinion on it. I've used it several times now and here is what I think:

We drink a lot of 2-liters. They always do fine until I get down toward the bottom of the bottle and then it always seems to lose it's fizz. So, I end up pouring about a glass and a half of the soda down the drain. I bought the Fizz Keeper, hoping it would solve my dilemma. Unfortunately, it did not. It did great at keeping fizz in the soda. But when I got to the bottom of the bottle, I poured a glass and there was fizz, but it looked different than the usual carbonation fizz and the soda was still flat. Also, the fizz keeper wouldn't make a good, tight seal on the bottle of Barq's Rootbeer.

So, when it comes to the Fizz Keeper, I say don't waste your money. It kept the soda from going flat until the bottle got low, but so does the bottle cap for me. Maybe if you take a little longer to drink your 2-liters it might work better than the regular bottle cap for you. But I don't know for sure because I didn't test it that way. We drink 2-liters pretty quickly.

Hope this helps!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chef'n Palm Peeler

I got one of these the other day and used it last night. It is AWESOME! It slides right onto your finger, tucks into your palm, and peels anything. It even has a convenient potato eyer at the tip and is top rack dishwasher safe. I hate peeling potatoes and sometimes cut a little too much of the potato with the peel. Not with this thing. It peels the potato perfectly and it's soooo easy. It makes peeling potatoes a snap! I got mine at Kitchen Island in Cabot. You can also get them online at The Kitchen Store here:

I got another goodie at Kitchen Island and I'll be posting on it once I use it and see how well it works.